My name is Alejandra, and I am graphic & web designer

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More than 10 years of experience in graphic design, web design & dev, Wordpress, social media, email marketing, and more!

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This is what I do

Web Design

Design and redesign of websites, 100% responsive. Mockups. Landing pages. Forms.

Graphic Design

Cards, flyers, 2-fold and 3-fold, brochures. booklet. Books, magazines. Banners.


Corporate identity: logotypes, isotypes. Brand manual.
What is (and not) a logotype?

Social Media

Design and content management for social media and blogs. Community Manager.


Installation, migration, configuration. Updates, plugin implementation. Elementor. Maintenance.

Email Marketing

Design and code. Newsletters. Sending services. Databases administration.


Ecommerce simple sites. Woocommerce.
I am a TiendaNube partner.


Full responsive HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JScript, JQuery, PHP, Bootstrap code services.


Digital 2D and flat style. Icon packs. Infography.

About me

My name is Alejandra
and I am graphic designer ,web designer ,freelancer ,programmer ,illustrator ,teacher ,photographer ,time 2 time writer ,tweeter ,single mom ,CM ,copywriter ,junior sommelier ,cripto enthusiast ,a bit of geek :) ,blogger ,Beatles fan ,BA citizen
Alejandra Arellano - Diseñadora Gráfica y Web

My name is Alejandra, and I am graphic and web designer. I studied Systems Analysis at UM. Later, did a Graphic Design course with Macintosh at New School of Design, and a few years later started Graphic Design career at UBA. I've made more than 120 courses, seminars and workshops about graphic design, digital marketing and advertising, social media, Wordpress, copywriting, script writing, programming and web development.

With 30 years of experience

Since 1990 been working for publishing companies, media agencies, advertising companies and digital agencies, in graphic design at first and later in web design and development. In 2008 started to work exclusively as freelance. In 2011 I've founded aleare design creative studio as a sole proprietorship, and since then I've been providing services to many companies, professionals and entrepreneurs in Argentina and all around the world.

The meaning of Aleare

In my computing early days, my nickname was the first three letters of my name and my surname (Ale of Alejandra and Are of Arellano). It was the name I've used for my first email account that, believe it or not, still use it!

The origin of the iso

At first, it was a simple asterisk, but when I saw another company using something similar, thought it was a good time to differentiate. Inspired by two symbols of the Basque people –my ancestors–, the lauburu and the eguzkilorea, also known as "flower of the sun", legend says it drives away evil spirits and brings peace and prosperity to the home.

And what about the pink? Pink was always my favorite color, so loved that I made it my corporate color to highlight the feminine side of technology, freshness and creativity.


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