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"The only way to do a great work is to love what you do" –Steve Jobs

Web design

UI/UX design, responsive, mockups, for web and mobile.

Graphic design

Personal and business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets, banners, book and CD covers.


Corporate identity, logotype and isotype, branding, brand manual.

Content management

For social media and blogs, social media account management, Community Manager.


Instalation, themes and plugin customizing, implementation and maintenance.

Email marketing

Design and HTML/CSS code, sending services with report, newsletter design.


Online shops, standard and custom-made.


PSD to Code, HTML, HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Bootstrap.


Digital and traditional art, inphographics and maps.

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About me

Once upon a time...

I always knew I was born to be an artist. In my childhood I drew a lot, even in my study books. And also wrote stories and poetry, played guitar and some piano. I was clever at languages, music, literature and Art History, but a disaster in mathematics and gymnastics. I had my first computer at 14 and my first major programming project was a 10 page digital book 16 color pixel artwork. It was very basic, but worked well.

My parents did not want me to follow Fine Arts so I started the System Analysis career. Time later I left because it was not what I expected, and started a Digital Design course. The previous training in systems and the easy ability to handle design programs eased me to get work in the advertising industry. Late 90's when the web began a worldwide transformation, ant that fusion of art and techologies made me find –finally– what I really wanted to do.

I started the Graphic Design career at UBA and in the meantime I had my only baby girl. Steve Jobs's 2005 speech at Stanford University generated a breakdown inside me. At 34 I decided to take a step forward, I left behind several years of office clerk and executive assistant to dedicate my time to web design and development, first years as employee at digital agencies and later as full time freelancer.

At first, was not sure about which name to choose and I opted for Aleare, the BBS's service nickname I used to access, and my first Hotmail email (ale by Alejandra and are by Arellano). Used an asterisk before the name for several years. When I decided to make a redesign of my brand, I chose to mix a lauburu and an eguzkiloréa, two typical symbols of the Basque people -my ancestors– representing the protection of the sun and prosperity. Petals are pink, curved, highlighting the feminine side of technology.


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